Single Musk Rose (Rosa moschata)
Single Musk Rose (Rosa moschata)

Single Musk Rose (Rosa moschata)

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Hardy, deciduous, spring-flowering shrub
Description: Large clusters of snowy white, single blossoms bloom in flushes throughout the season. Intensely fragrant. Shapely, pointed, slightly drooping leaves of rich, gray-green.
Habit: Grows 6 to 12-feet high; can be grown as a shrub rose or trained as a climber.
Culture: Prefers rich, well-prepared garden loam and full sun. Tolerates some shade.
Hardiness: USDA Zones 6b through 10b
Jefferson documented

In July of 1791, Thomas Jefferson placed a large plant order with the Prince Nursery on Long Island; "musk rose" was among the six rose varieties included on this order. The true Musk Rose is an ancient species of southern Europe and the Middle East that, until recently, was thought to be extinct. A related, and hardier species, Rosa moschata nepalensis, was introduced during the late 19th century that nearly superseded the true musk. In cultivation since the early 1500s, Rosa moschata is the parent of many important rose varieties.

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Genus Rosa
Species moschata

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