Rose Vervain (Verbena canadensis)
Rose Vervain (Verbena canadensis)
Rose Vervain (Verbena canadensis)

Rose Vervain (Verbena canadensis)

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Description: Hardy, herbaceous perennial - Bears rich, deep purple clusters of flowers from spring until frost; deep green, scalloped foliage is semi-evergreen
Habit: Low, spreading ground-cover 6"-12" high and 2'-3' wide
Culture: Prefers full sun to light shade and well-drained soil; keep moist until established; leave foliage on plant over winter and tidy in spring; cut back spent flowers to encourage re-bloom
Hardiness: Cold hardy to USDA Zone 6
Origin: North America
Attributes: Attracts butterflies, ground cover, container

This easy-to-grow perennial, native from Virginia to Florida and west to Colorado and Mexico, flowers prolifically throughout the growing season. Its clean, dense foliage and trailing habit make it an excellent choice for edging the flower border or for growing in pots and hanging baskets. The flowers also attract butterflies. In colder climates this species can be grown as an annual. "Rose-colored Vervain" was first documented in American gardens by 1822.

Arrives in a 2.5" pot.

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Genus Verbena
Species canadensis

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