Pride of Washington Rose (Rosa setigera cv.)
Pride of Washington Rose (Rosa setigera cv.)

Pride of Washington Rose (Rosa setigera cv.)

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Hardy, late spring-flowering, climbing rose
Description: Medium-sized, double rose-pink flowers age to lilac; petals are cupped; bears clusters of 10-20 flowers.
Habit: Vigorous, cold tolerant, climbing shrub grows 6-12’' high with tall, arching branches; few prickles.
Culture: Prefers full sun to light shade and rich, well-prepared garden loam.
Cold Hardiness: Cold hardy to USDA Zone 6b.

The Prairie Rose (R. setigera) is a North American species first cataloged in 1810, with single, deep pink flowers and flexible canes. During the 1840s Joshua Pierce, a rose breeder from Washington, DC, introduced a series of setigera seedling roses that bore double flowers. Before 1846 Pierce selected and introduced 'Pride of Washington', along with eleven other hybrid forms. The Prairie Roses were initially extolled as the great American Rose, but they have become increasing rare in commerce and in the wild.

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Genus Rosa
Species setigera cv.

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