Prairie Rose (Rosa setigera)
Prairie Rose (Rosa setigera)
Prairie Rose (Rosa setigera)

Prairie Rose (Rosa setigera)

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Hardy, North American, early summer-flowering shrub rose
Description: Clusters of single, mildly-fragrant, rose-pink flowers that fade to pale pink and white; showy boss of yellow stamens are attractive to pollinators; light green foliage; nearly thornless.
Habit: Grows up to 12’' high and 8'’ wide; long canes often root where they touch the ground.
Culture: Prefers full sun and average, medium to wet, well-drained soil.
Cold Hardiness: Cold hardy to USDA Zone 5.

The Prairie Rose is a trailing but shrubby rose native to North America. This tough, disease-resistant rose is beloved by pollinators and bears masses of single, mildly-fragrant, multi-hued flowers in early summer, typically after the majority of other once-blooming roses have faded. It is the parent plant of some popular ramblers including Baltimore Belle and Queen of the Prairies.

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Genus Rosa
Species setigera

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