'May Queen' Rose (Rosa wichurana hybrid)

'May Queen' Rose (Rosa wichurana hybrid)

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Hardy, deciduous, spring-flowering shrub

Bears clusters of quartered-rosette, apple scented, double, lilac- to rose-pink flowers; very free-flowering

The species Rosa wichurana, introduced from China in 1860, has contributed much to the development of modern roses, being directly or indirectly responsible for many ramblers and climbers, especially those with glossy foliage. 'May Queen' was bred and developed in 1898 by the American rose hybridist Dr. Walter Van Fleet. 'May Queen’ is a particularly vigorous Wichurana rambler that is suitable to use not only on arbors but also as a groundcover or to climb into trees.'

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Genus Rosa
Species wichurana hybrid
USDA Zones 5 - 9
Exposure Full Sun to Light Shade
Habit Vigorous, densely growing climber with arching stems 15 to 30 feet high; abundant, dark green foliage and darkish thorns
Culture Prefers rich, well-drained garden loam; fertilize yearly with balanced rose food; prune just after flowering

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