'Cramoisi Supérieur' Rose (Rosa chinensis cv.)
'Cramoisi Supérieur' Rose (Rosa chinensis cv.)

'Cramoisi Supérieur' Rose (Rosa chinensis cv.)

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Hardy, deciduous, repeat-flowering shrub

Bears fragrant, velvety, rich crimson flowers with a silvery reverse in double, cupped form; leaves small, dark green

Also known as 'Agrippina' and 'Lady Brisbane', this stunning China rose was first bred by unknown Belgian breeders before 1823, then in France by M. Coquereau of Angers (1832), and finally introduced by Jean Baptist-Paillet as 'Cramoisi Supérieur' in 1834. It was celebrated by early 20th-century British garden writer Gertrude Jekyll and an old garden favorite in America's Deep South and in Bermuda where it has naturalized. This rose is drought and heat tolerant. zone7,zone8,zone9

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Genus Rosa
Species chinensis cv.
USDA Zones 7 - 10
Exposure Full Sun to Light Shade
Habit 4 - 6' h; Shrubby habit
Culture Prefers rich, well-drained loam; fertilize yearly
Attributes Fragrant, Disease resistant, Grows well in pots

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