Connecticut Field Pumpkin Seeds (Cucurbita pepo)
Connecticut Field Pumpkin Seeds (Cucurbita pepo)

Connecticut Field Pumpkin Seeds (Cucurbita pepo)

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New World field pumpkins like this 19th century variety were grown in Thomas Jefferson's fields both for the Monticello table as well as for feeding the workhorses, cattle, sheep, and pigs in late summer. Connecticut Field Pumpkin is a traditional pumpkin good for pies, with yellow flesh and soft skin.

Direct sow Connecticut Field Pumpkin seeds in hills or rows after the last spring frost; for hills, sow 5-7 seeds per 12"-wide hill, then thin to the best 3 plants per hill. Connecticut Field Pumpkin prefer moist but well-drained, fertile soil. Harvest as the skin turns a uniform shade of orange, leaving a 4" stem for improved storage. Approximately 15 Connecticut Field Pumpkin seeds per packet.

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Genus Cucurbita
Species pepo
Exposure Full Sun
Planting Method Direct Sow
Planting Depth 1"
Days to Emerge 5 - 10
Plant Spacing rows or hills; 6' apart
Habit 12 - 18" H

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