Bare Root Toothwood Fern (Dryopteris carthusiana)
Bare Root Toothwood Fern (Dryopteris carthusiana)

Bare Root Toothwood Fern (Dryopteris carthusiana)

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Hardy, North American perennial
Description: Finely-divided, lacy, bright green fronds
Habit: Grows 18 to 36 inches high, forms vase-shaped clumps up to 36 inches wide
Culture: Prefers partial to full shade and moist but well-drained, humus-rich woodland loam
Hardiness: USDA Zones 2 through 7
Origin: Northern Temperate Regions
Attributes: Rabbit Resistant, Good for Heavy Shade

Native to the boreal forests of North America, Europe, and Asia, this fern is found in wet woodlands, moist wooded slopes, stream banks, and swamps. During the 18th century ferns often were used to pack plants and fruits for shipping. Writing to James Madison from France in 1785, Thomas Jefferson mentioned an encounter with a man in the country “cutting fern;” this man told Jefferson that fruit packed in straw “acquired an ill taste, but that dry fern preserved it perfectly without communicating any taste at all.”

This plant will ship bare root. Arrives as a Medium Clump.

Bare root planting tips:

~ If you can't plant immediately, store your plant in a cool location and keep the roots moist or pot in a container with a nursery potting mix from your local garden center.
~ Before planting, let the roots soak for several hours as you prepare the site. You'll want to dig a large enough hole so the root mass can spread out and the plant is at the same soil level as when it was growing in the nursery.
~ Once planted, water it in well and wait a month before fertilizing. Mulching will help to maintain moisture and raise soil temperatures for faster growth.

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Genus Dryopteris
Species carthusiana

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