American Furniture 2023

American Furniture 2023

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The Chipstone Foundation's annual American Furniture journal remains one of the most influential publications to have emerged in the field of decorative arts, with this year's edition featuring new research on objects associated with Thomas Jefferson.

The 2023 volume of American Furniture is largely comprised of new research on objects associated with Thomas Jefferson. Essays by Diane Ehrenpreis (Monticello’s Curator of Decorative Arts and Historic Interiors) and Emilie Johnson (Monticello’s Curator of Arts and History) show how Jefferson was inspired by furniture he saw and used while serving abroad, how he worked with American craftsmen to produce conventional and novel forms, and how he arranged and occasionally modified the pieces he acquired to suit specific locations and personal needs. Cary Howlett’s article follows suite while chronicling the conservation of Jefferson’s renowned rotating armchair, and James Gergat’s article – bolstered by finish microscopy performed and explicated by Susan Buck -- sheds new light on two objects traditionally associated with the Declaration of Independence.  Hard cover, 224 pages.

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