Personalized Jefferson Cup
Personalized Jefferson Cup

Personalized Jefferson Cup

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In 1810, when Thomas Jefferson commissioned a silversmith to make eight cups from his own design, he probably never imagined how popular they would become.  Exquisitely simple, extremely versatile, these pewter Jefferson cups are as suitable for serving a festive punch as they are for holding cufflinks or paper clips.  Holds approximately 7 oz.  Gift boxed.

For Jefferson Cup engraving, please enter initials as First, Middle, Last.  This is how they will appear on your cup.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of an engraved cup.

What is a Jefferson Cup?
A Jefferson cup is a low, round-bottomed tumbler that was popular in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. In 1810, Thomas Jefferson commissioned a Virginia silversmith to craft eight tumblers from silver cups he inherited from his friend and teacher, George Wythe. The silver tumblers remained at Monticello for the rest of Jefferson's life and were a regular fixture on his dining table.

What do you drink in a Jefferson Cup?
Our pewter Jefferson Cup is great for cold drinks. It retains a modest chill and traps in the liquid's coldness, making it perfect for iced cocktails like mint juleps, beer, and wine.

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