Duc van Tol Scarlet Tulip (Tulipa cv.)

Duc van Tol Scarlet Tulip (Tulipa cv.)

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Very early spring-flowering bulb
Description: Crown-shaped, bright scarlet red flower
Habit: Grows 5-7 inches tall
Culture: Plant in well-prepared garden loam 4 to 6 inches deep; full sun
Hardiness: USDA Zones 4b through 7

Duc van Tol Scarlet Tulip was first bred in 1850. The Duc van Tol group of tulips, known for their early bloom time and short flower stems, was popular in gardens during the 17th and 18th centuries. Garden tulips were introduced into Europe from Turkey by the mid 1500’s and made their way to the New World with the first Dutch colonists. Adriaen van der Donck included “many fine tulips” in a list of flowers brought to New Netherlands in A Description of New Netherland (1655). Thomas Jefferson mentioned tulips more than any other flower in his Garden Book.

5 bulbs per bag.

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Genus Tulipa
Species cv.

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