'Keizerskroon' Tulip (Tulipa cv.)

'Keizerskroon' Tulip (Tulipa cv.)

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Early spring-blooming bulb

Large, bright yellow blossoms flushed with bold red markings

The 'Keizerskroon' or 'Grand Duc' tulip was introduced in 1750 and is one of the oldest tulip varieties still in cultivation. Single, early-flowering tulips like Keizerskroon were highly developed by the early nineteenth century. Thomas Jefferson planted tulips with his granddaughters often during his retirement years at Monticello. They planted varieties such as "Psyche" and "Queen of the Amazons," which are no longer available by those names.

5 bulbs per bag.

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Genus Tulipa
Species cv.
USDA Zones 3 - 8
Exposure Full Sun
Plant Spacing 5 - 6" deep; 5 - 6" apart
Habit 14" H
Culture Plant in well-prepared garden loam

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